Strive for Mental Freedom 

One of the greatest paths to true mental freedom is the ability to give up the belief that what others think, feel and how they act towards us should measure our self-worth. I highlight people specifically, because when we look deeper at the route cause of most individuals worries the sentence “but what will other […]

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Self-Care Journey 

You matter.  The first two words to tell yourself or anybody else in your life who may be struggling on their journey of self care. As we often base our self worth on the opinions from others, our social status and the amount in our bank accounts, taking care of ourselves is as important as […]

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5 Steps For Reducing Stress

After toying about with my blog, finally I have the time to produce meaningful content for people who need support to improve their health and well-being. We know what stress is, how it impacts our daily living and what causes it; however what we are usually unaware of is exactly HOW to deal with stress. […]

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